API Access for AWS and Azure Launched by Botmetric to Simplify Cloud Management

Botmetric has announced it has released APIs for public cloud consumption for AWS and Microsoft Azure. The Botmetric platform is already API-centric with microservices architecture; however, the new release now gives enterprises and customers easier access to their data allowing them to gain specific insights into cloud use in less time. Customers are able to use the APIs to build custom dashboards and generate custom reports, placing all the information they need at their fingertips.

Currently, many businesses are using non-connected tools to manage their cloud environments, which combined with legacy IT management tools makes it hard to see exactly what resources are needed and to ensure all cloud resources that are paid for being used.

In order to fully optimized cloud services, businesses need a cloud management solution that can analyze and make recommendations on applications built by a wide range of different vendors, and to have visibility into IT and cloud infrastructure through a single interface. The Botmetric platform give customers just that. Using the new APIs, businesses can gain access to all their data, apply their business logic on top to gain specific insights, and add those insights into their custom dashboards. The new APIs also make management easier and less time-intensive for Managed Service Providers. MSPs can use the APIs to interact with and engage their customers with ease.

Use of the new APIs requires an API key, which is passed in the header of the API request. Administrators of the Botmetric platform can generate and manage users’ API keys through the User Management section of the Botmetric admin panel. APIs are user-specific and match the permitted actions of an individual user and are limited to two per user at any one time.

Botmetric reports that “Users can leverage Botmetric APIs to access, manipulate and customize the data feeds for their specific cloud management requirements. To keep it simple, users can now connect Botmetric to virtually any third-party business system or application.”

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of NetSec.news