Agari Named as a Distinguished Vendor in Email Security by TAG

The Amoroso Group (TAG Cyber) has published its first 2017 TAG Cyber Security Annual – A Practical Handbook and Reference Guide for the Working Cyber Security Professional.

The 2017 TAG Cyber Security Annual contains a detailed analysis of the cybersecurity industry and is the product of extensive industry research and analysis of cyber security threats. The report detailed the methods and cybersecurity defenses organizations can adopt to defend their networks against attacks by cybercriminals, hacktivists and malicious insiders. The guide contains insights provided by thought leaders and C-level executives on proven tactics to improve security.

The 2017 TAG Cyber Security Annual is essential reading for all CISOs and CSOs, detailing 50 security controls that can be adopted by enterprises to secure their networks and prevent cyberattacks. The report covers perimeter controls, network controls, endpoint controls, data controls, governance controls and industry controls and serves as a guide to the most important and effective security solutions.

The aim of the guide, which can be downloaded free of charge via the TAG Cyber website, is to help organizations improve their security posture and make it as difficult as possible for cybercriminals to conduct attacks. While law enforcement can work hard at tracking cybercriminals and bringing them to justice, it is essential for businesses to do their bit in the fight against cybercrime and improve their defenses. As long as it remains profitable for cybercriminals to conduct attacks, the attacks will continue.

To compile the annual, Tag Cyber sought assistance from 48 of the nation’s leading cybersecurity firms, including Agari. Agari has developed the only cybersecurity technology that can determine the true identity of the sender of an email. By verifying senders, the Agari Email Trust Platform™ can be used to prevent brand abuse and block targeted email attacks on organizations’ customers.

Tag Cyber founder and CEO Edward Amoroso said, “I am so pleased that the Agari team agreed to provide assistance throughout this research… protecting enterprise email in-boxes is absolutely imperative to dealing with advanced persistent threats.” In the annual, Agari was recognized as a distinguished vendor in email security for its DMARC-based Email Trust Platform™.

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of