Agari Launches Email Cloud Identity to Scan Messages Sent by Third Party Email Senders

Agari has announced the addition of a new service – Email Cloud Identity – to its Agari Email Trust Platform™. The new service allows organizations to scan the messages sent by third-party email senders on their behalf to verify the identity of the senders and block phishing attacks.

Organizations may be monitoring and managing the emails sent by their own employees, but the majority of messages sent from organizations’ domains are sent by partner organizations. Agari reports that 64% of all outbound emails from company domains are sent by third parties such as Salesforce, Epsilon and Marketo. Not only are these emails not being effectively monitored, many organizations are not even aware of all the cloud service providers who are sending emails on their behalf.

Without monitoring and management, organizations are making it too easy for cybercriminals to hijack brands and conduct impersonation attacks using their brand.

Vidur Apparao, CTO of Agari said, “Cybercriminals are increasingly exploiting brand identities to defraud victims over email, which makes outbound email the number one unmanaged security risk for companies today.” In order to protect customers – and brands – “Organizations need to strengthen their security initiatives to extend beyond their own internal email infrastructure and include the cloud-based service providers who communicate with customers, business partners and even their own employees on their behalf,” said Apparao.

Agari’s Email Cloud Identity monitors the emails sent by cloud-based email service providers and leverages the company’s Email Trust Platform™ to verify online identities to prevent unauthorized use of company domains.

Emails sent by unauthorized senders are blocked, preventing messages from ever reaching inboxes. The platform has been used by many Fortune 1000 companies to protect their customers from phishing attacks. Now the service is more comprehensive, having been extended to cover third party email senders. Email Cloud Identity currently monitors more than 5 billion emails each day sent on behalf of Agari customers by more than 100 cloud-based email service providers.

SparkPost CMO, Josh Aberant explained the importance of using the service, saying “With the Agari platform, we were able to measure the attacks on our users and documented an average of 110 million attack emails every day impersonating our identity.”

Those emails were reduced to a few thousand a day after implementing Email Cloud Identity. Those few thousand emails never reached end users’ inboxes.

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of