Agari Chooses Gradian as its First UK Partner

Agari has announced a new partnership with the value-added reseller (VAR) Gradian. This is the first partnership between Agari and a UK-based VAR. The aim of the partnership is to expant Agari’s footprint in the UK and Europe.

Gradian will be offering the Agari Email Trust platform to its customers to help them prevent email impersonation attacks and block a wide range of email-based threats.

Phishing and BEC attacks are major threats to businesses. A single undetected malicious email can easily result in a costly data breach. With 95% of all cyberattacks and data breaches occurring as a result of an email attack, it is now essential for businesses to deploy advanced anti-phishing solutions to block malicious emails from reaching end users’ inboxes.

The Agari Email Trust Solution identifies the true senders of emails with industry-leading accuracy. The solution allows businesses to protect their brand by preventing fraudsters from impersonating the company in email attacks on customers. In contrast to many anti-phishing solutions, Agari provides a high level of protection against highly targeted spear-phishing attacks.

Each year, Agari’s analytics engine and telemetry network assesses more than two trillion emails, with the company’s analyses providing users with intelligence into the most sophisticated phishing campaigns and advanced deception techniques being used by criminals. The solution helps businesses restore their trust in email.

A partnership with Gradian was a no-brainer. Gradian is the leading reseller of Symantec’s email security solutions in the UK and is the preferred cybersecurity partner of many UK and Ireland-based firms. The Agari Email Trust Solution will complement the email security solutions already offered by the firm.

“The Agari Email Trust Platform, when combined with industry leading secure messaging providers, delivers a next-gen cyber-defence platform capable of solving the problem of spoofing to the enterprise; our experience and know-how means we are uniquely poised to help our clients benefit from this alignment,” said CEO & Founder of Gradian, Damian Acklam, CEO & Founder of Gradian.

To help businesses assess the need for an advanced email security solution, Agari and Gradian are offering a free email threat assessment to businesses which provides them with real-time threat intelligence and visibility into their email channel.

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of