Agari Appoints New Chief Financial Officer

The past two years has seen cybersecurity firm Agari enjoy rapid growth, helped by the release of its anti-spear phishing platform, Enterprise Protect™. Ensuring that growth continues and accelerates will now be down to the company’s incoming Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Raymond Lim.

Agari has developed innovative products that fill a gap in the cybersecurity market. While there are many anti-spam and anti-phishing solutions on the market, Agari occupies a unique position providing protection against spear phishing, BEC attacks and brand spoofing using technology that verifies the senders of emails.

The increase in spear phishing attacks and the rising cost of remediating data breaches has seen many companies reevaluate their email security strategies and choose Agari to help block spear phishing attacks and secure their email channels. While the firm has already enjoyed impressive growth, Agari wants to accelerate growth, which and Lim’s expertise will be key.

Lim has more than 20 years of experience in financial management, in particular at mid-stage Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and technology firms. Lim was a pioneer in data-as-a-service at Jigsaw, where he helped prepare the company for the takeover by He has also served as CFO at the higher education SaaS platform developer Rafter, networking and access control SaaS firm Saisei Networks and the SaaS platform developer for business gamification, Badgeville. During his time at those companies, Lim has helped improve growth and usher the firms through challenging transitional stages. Lim also has extensive experience in managing high-multiple strategic transactions.

Lim will draw on his experience to strengthen Agari’s market position and accelerate the already rapid growth of the company. Lim will be a key contributor to Agari’s business strategy and will oversee all of the company’s financial operations.

Ravi Khatod, Agari’s CEO explained that the company is in an excellent position with the right people on board, partners in place and the right products. The firm is now looking to scale up its operations and Lim is the ideal person to oversee the company’s financial operations. Khatod said, “Raymond’s skills in accelerating revenue and visibility for SaaS companies is unmatched, and will help take Agari to the next level as we scale operations while continuing to develop our industry-changing security platform.”

Author: Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson is the Editor-in-Chief of