Webinar: Double Up on Protection for Your Remote Workers

TitanHQ is hosting a webinar on Thursday May 21, 2020 to explain how you can better protect your remote workers from phishing attacks and block malware and ransomware downloads during the COVID-19 public health emergency and beyond.

Many businesses have been forced to rapidly transition from an office-based workforce to a largely at-home workforce due to COVID-19, and by doing so have greatly increased cybersecurity risks. Remote workers are being targeted by cybercriminals through phishing and malware attacks, and many businesses do not have sufficient protections in place to protect their remote employees.

Your email security solution will block the majority of malicious emails from arriving in your employees’ inboxes, but some will almost certainly still be delivered. These emails typically include a hyperlink to a website hosting a phishing kit or will direct the user to a site where malware or ransomware is downloaded.

A web filtering solution provides protection from the web-based part of these attacks and prevents employees from visiting malicious websites.

During the webinar, TitanHQ will explain how COVID-19 is being exploited by cybercriminals to attack organizations and steps that can be taken to meet the challenge of protecting a largely distributed workforce.

The webinar will focus on TitanHQ’s DNS-based web filtering solution – WebTitan – and will explain the features and security layers of the solution that will help you manage user security at multiple locations.

Webinar Details

 Title:     Keeping your Remote Workers TWICE as secure with SpamTitan & WebTitan

Date:     Thursday, May 21, 2020

Time:    11:00-11:30 CDT

Host:     TitanHQ

  • Derek Higgins, Engineering Manger TitanHQ
  • Eddie Monaghan, Channel Manager TitanHQ
  • Marc Ludden, Strategic Alliance Manager TitanHQ
  • Kevin Hall, Senior Systems Engineer at Datapac

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Author: NetSec Editor