Tsahy Shapsa Joins IronScales’ Board of Directors

Tsahy Shapsa, a cybersecurity industry veteran, has joined IronScales’ board of directors and has been tasked with developing growth, overseeing company performance and will assist with long term operational and financial planning.

Tsahy Shapsa has a long history in the IT industry spanning more than 20 years. Shapsa has previously taken on management roles at Sun Microsystems and NetApp and has also served the Israeli Prime Minister’s office as its security team leader. Shapsa formed CloudLock Inc, in 2007, which was acquired by Cisco in 2016 for $263 million.

His extensive experience and breadth of knowledge will be invaluable at IronScales. Shapsa also has hands-on experience of growing start-up businesses into multi-million-dollar enterprises and will help IronScales increase already impressive growth and help turn the firm into a true industry giant.

“I look forward to offering my guidance and expertise as the company continues to build on its strong momentum,” said Shapsa.

Eyal Benishti, founder and CEO of IronScales said, “I’m thrilled to have him on our board and confident in his ability to help us facilitate growth effectively.”

Ironscales has developed an innovative anti-phishing solution – The first company in the industry to combine human intelligence with machine learning to tackle the growing threat from phishing and spear phishing. Phishing now poses the biggest cybersecurity threat to organizations and is the primary vector for delivering ransomware and malware. Anti-phishing solutions are no longer an optional extra – They need to be a core element of organizations’ cybersecurity defenses.

The Raanana, Israel-based company has developed four email security products: IronTraps is an automated phishing incident response service that helps organizations respond rapidly to phishing attacks, preventing emails from causing harm. IronSights prevents spoofing of brands and impersonation attacks, protecting organizations’ customers from phishing attacks using company branding and spoofed domains.

IronSchool is a security awareness and phishing simulation platform that trains employees how to identify and respond to phishing emails and Federation is IronScale’s phishing intelligence service that sends invaluable alerts to organizations about the latest phishing threats.

These four solutions help organizations defend their organization from phishing attacks and keep their networks free from malware.

Author: NetSec Editor