TigerText Launches First Secure Messaging App for the Apple Watch Introduced

tigertext-miniToday, TigerText announced it has launched the first secure messaging app for the Apple Watch. The TigerText Apple Watch app allows users to send and receive secure messages via their watch, allowing quick and easy communication with any authorized user pre-programmed into the TigerText platform.

The benefits of the Apple Watch in a healthcare setting are numerous; however without a secure messaging system the devices cannot be used to their full potential due to the risk of privacy breaches.

However, the new TigerText secure messaging app for the Apple Watch allows users to contact colleagues quickly and easily from anywhere, hands free, and without violating HIPAA.

The secure healthcare messaging app developed for Smartphones has been tweaked for use on a Smartwatch; bringing the benefits of the real-time messaging solution to the wrist. As with the standard healthcare messaging app, the platform allows HIPAA-compliant, secure messages to be sent without risking privacy violations. All data transmitted via the watch is fully encrypted.

Benefits of the TigerText Secure Messaging App for the Apple Watch

  • Send secure messages, with end to end encryption, that are compliant with federal and state regulations on data security
  • Receive sent, delivery, and read receipts via the watch
  • Compliant speech-to-text engine allows messages to be dictated to the watch, saving valuable time
  • Notifications and alerts can be sent via the TigerText app to the watch
  • Ability to send and receive photos and images via the watch

The secure messaging app for the Apple Watch is now in the final phase of testing, with the release scheduled for May. However, attendees of the HIMSS conference in Chicago over the next two days will be able to see the app in action (Booth #7418).

According to TigerText CEO, Brad Brooks, “Wearable technology is going to see a boom in popularity, and the Apple Watch will be the first to revolutionize this trend,” he went on to say, “with TigerText for the Apple Watch, users will now be able to access their messages even more quickly – within a matter of seconds – and with the added assurance that everything stays safe and within their control.”

The TigerText Secure Messaging Platform

The secure messaging platform developed by TigerText allows organizations to communicate quickly and easily, while keeping protected data secure at all times. The encrypted text message platform has been developed to comply with industry regulations on data security, and has so far been adopted by more than 5,000 facilities in the United States, including four of the top five for-profit healthcare systems.

For healthcare providers and other entities covered by HIPAA, the platform is an ideal replacement for the pager, and a HIPAA-compliant alternative to unsecured SMS messages. The product has been developed to be easily implemented, and is operated via an app on a Smartphone or tablet, and from May, also the Apple Watch.

Author: NetSec Editor