Proofpoint Partners with CrowdStrike to Better Protect Endpoints and Email Systems from Cyberattacks

Proofpoint has announced it has formed a strategic partnership with CrowdStrike to help joint customers improve endpoint security and defend against email -based cyberattacks.

CrowdStrike is a leading provider of cloud-delivered endpoint security and Proofpoint has developed a suite of solutions that provide protection from advanced threats and helps identify and address compliance risks. The partnership will initially see Proofpoint’s Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) threat intelligence platform integrated into CrowdStrike Falcon to enhance device security by providing up-to-date threat intelligence on malicious email attachments.

Proofpoint will check potentially malicious attachments with CrowdStrike Falcon intel and new unique hashes will be fed into customer’s custom intelligence. If any threats attempt to execute on users’ devices, alerts will be generated to allow rapid action to be taken to mitigate the threats. The integration will be achieved through cloud-to-cloud APIs.

The integration will allow security teams to quickly detect, analyze, and block advanced threats, including malicious attachments and URLs, polymorphic malware, zero-day threats, and phishing attacks. The threat intelligence provided by Proofpoint will complement the next-gen anti-virus, endpoint detection and response, and threat hunting capabilities of the CloudStrike AI-driven solution, which is provided through a lightweight cloud-managed and delivered sensor.

“More than 90 percent of attacks are initiated by email, and nearly all require a user to click on a URL or malicious attachment to activate them, rather than exploiting a technical vulnerability,” said Ryan Kalember, executive vice president of Cybersecurity Strategy for Proofpoint. “Our integration with CrowdStrike will provide our joint customers with automated context and visibility to further ensure all endpoints are protected from malicious attachments.”

Author: NetSec Editor

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