PhishMe Rebranding as Cofense Reflects Company’s Extensive Range of Products and Services

PhishMe has long been a strong brand name associated with phishing defense technology and training. Over the years the company has expanded its products and services, and now the time has come for a change to the brand name to better reflect the company’s position, products, and services.

PhishMe started life on February 27, 2007 when Co-Founders Aaron Higbee (CTO) and Royht Belani (CEO) were searching for a company name and discovered the domain name had not been taken. Over the following years, PhishMe has become the number security awareness and anti-phishing training company, and developed the first phishing simulation platform – something that many firms have since copied.

In addition to an extensive library of security awareness and cybersecurity training modules, the company has developed a wide range of products to help organizations deal with the threat from phishing, spear phishing, and other forms of cyberattacks.

It is the diversification of the company’s products and services that has prompted the name change. A brand should reflect a company’s products, services, and vision and since PhishMe is now offering a ‘collective, complete phishing defense’ solution, including incident response and threat intelligence, the time is right for a name change to reflect the direction the company is now taking and its list of products and services.

PhishMe Becomes Cofense

From February 26, PhishMe will be known as Cofense. All of the firm’s products and services have been updated with the new branding, logos, and color schemes, although the products themselves remain the same and will continue to help organizations in their efforts to protect against phishing and a wide range of cyber threats.

The name change is just the start of a slew of changes that can be expected over the coming weeks and months. The firm’s products and services will be enhanced and expanded, with the first product update coming next week. Cofense Triage (Formerly PhishMe Triage) will be updated to a new version.

Further big announcements are to be expected as well as an expansion of the company’s range of products. Along with the brand change, PhishMe has announced that it has secured new financial backing, with the firm having been acquired by a private equity syndicate that is committed to making Cofense an even greater success. The private equity firm valued the company at $400 million.

“The Cofense solution set leverages internal employee-generated attack intelligence in concert with purpose-built response technologies to break the attack kill chain at delivery. Cofense reflects the full breadth of our portfolio of enterprise-wide attack detection, response, and orchestration solutions,” said Rohyt Belani, CEO and Co-Founder of Cofense.

Does the name change mean that the company will be moving away from phishing defenses and security awareness training? Aaron Higbee said the company moved on from security awareness a long time ago, although the firm will continue to support the cause for better awareness about phishing and the need to improve phishing defenses. The company will continue to lead the field and develop more comprehensive solutions to help companies improve security defenses and with the company’s finances secured, there will be a major global expansion. Much bigger and better things can be expected in the not too distant future.

“With cybersecurity a top priority for organizations everywhere, our goal is to continue bringing innovative products to markets around the globe to help stop active attacks faster than ever,” said Belani.

According to Higbee, “Our rebranding and acquisition are serious energizers. It’s been a great ride so far—and it’s about to get crazy fun.”

Author: NetSec Editor