PhishMe Reaches 10 Million User Milestone

Anti-phishing solution provider PhishMe has announced it has reached another impressive milestone. Its PhishMe Reporter solution has now been installed on more than 10 million workstations.

Organizations can deploy a host of phishing defenses to prevent malicious emails from reaching inboxes; however, even advanced spam filters will not block 100% of phishing emails. There will always be some malicious emails that slip through the net.

Since all it takes is for one employee to respond to a phishing email for malware to be installed and a network to be compromised, it is essential that employees receive training to help them identify potentially malicious emails. With proper training, employees can be turned into an important defensive rear guard that can identify phishing attacks.

If one employee receives a phishing email, there is a fair chance that others in the organization will similarly have malicious emails in their inboxes. Employees must therefore be instructed to report potentially malicious emails to their security teams and have the tools to do that quickly and easily.

This is where PhishMe Reporter comes in. PhishMe Reporter is an email add-on that allows employees to report potentially suspicious emails with a single click of the mouse. With one click, an alert is sent to the security team, which can then take prompt action to mitigate the threat and remove all other copies of the email from users’ inboxes.

PhishMe Reporter provides security teams with the intelligence they need to stop phishing attacks before they result in a data breach or malware infection. The solution is now more important than ever before. The Anti-Phishing Working Group has released figures for 2017 that show phishing attacks have increased by 65% in the past 12 months. The threat from phishing is now greater than at any other time in history.

Aaron Higbee, co-founder and CTO of PhishMe, said “Collaboration is the key to rapid defense. We are thrilled that more and more companies are valuing the intelligence of all of their employees and deploying them in the battle against phishing attacks,”

PhishMe’s anti-phishing training material, phishing email simulation platform (PhishMe Simulator), and Phishing reporting solution has been shown to reduce end user susceptibility to phishing attacks by up to 95%. Its solutions have now been used by organizations in 160 countries and more than 27 million employees have received training using the PhishMe library of training material.

“With our technology, any workforce can become an army of human sensors, forming a proactive human firewall around the enterprise. We also see that employees who have the ability to easily contribute to security efforts are more engaged and mindful of threats,” said Higbee.

Author: NetSec Editor