PhishMe Announces New Strategic Channel Alliance with Aquion

PhishMe, the leading vendor of phishing defense solutions, had announced a new partnership with Aquion, a leading distributor of security-focused IT products and services. The new strategic channel alliance with see Aquion accelerate usage of PhishMe’s human phishing defense solutions throughout Australia, New Zealand and Oceania.

PhishMe has already enjoyed significant growth in Australasia; however, the new partnership will help to ensure the firm’s products are more widely adopted throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Asia-pacific region.

Aquion already delivers a wide range of security software products that help companies improve their security posture, with the company specializing in bringing innovative and emerging technologies to enterprise customers in the A/NZ and APAC regions to help them secure their data and infrastructure.

While Aquion’s current portfolio of products help organizations to block cyberattacks, those solutions do not tackle the human element of the equation. PhishMe’s products are therefore an ideal addition to Aquion’s portfolio.

PhishMe has developed a phishing incident response platform, a phishing threat intelligence service and a comprehensive security awareness training program, along with a phishing simulation platform that helps turn employees into security assets.

Phishing is now the number one attack vector used by cybercriminals to spread malware and gain access to corporate networks. Phishing attacks have become more sophisticated and complex and organizations are now having to deal with a barrage of attacks on a daily basis. Many organizations struggle to defend their data and networks from these attacks, as while software solutions can block many malicious emails, no software solution is 100% effective against phishing. According to Jim Hansen, PhishMe’s Chief Operating Officer said, “PhishMe is the only security company that provides a comprehensive and scalable human phishing defense solution.”

PhishMe’s platform and intelligence service helps organizations respond to phishing attack much more rapidly, decreasing the risk of data breaches. Employees are trained to recognize phishing emails and empowered to report attacks. Those reports are analyzed by PhishMe malware analysts and intelligence is then passed on to PhishMe customers around the globe, allowing them to take action to block phishing attacks and protect their organization.

Audrey Lyon, Sales Manager of Aquion said, “Our relationship with PhishMe will certainly enhance the Aquion Security business unit which helps customers monitor, manage, and secure all elements of enterprise infrastructure using the best technologies.”

“Through our alliance with Aquion, we are giving organizations across the Oceania region the security solutions and intelligence they need to proactively detect and quickly respond to cyberattacks,” explained Hansen.

Author: NetSec Editor