PhishMe Adds Ransomware and Business Email Compromise Training Modules to its CBFree CBT Program

Ransomware has fast become one of the biggest threats to organizations. The file-encrypting malware is capable of causing massive disruption to businesses. Ransomware attacks can take entire networks out of action, crippling businesses and causing substantial losses. Ransomware is usually spread via phishing emails, with the malicious software unwittingly installed by employees.

Business email compromise scams are also rife. These attacks similarly target employees and result in huge losses. Employees are fooled into making fraudulent bank transfers to criminals’ accounts, often for hundreds of thousands of dollars. By the time the scams are discovered, the money typically cannot be recovered.

While security software can block some of these attacks, many phishing emails end up being delivered. It is then up to employees to be able to recognize the emails as malicious. However, all it takes is for one employee to fail to identify a phishing email for ransomware to be installed, login credentials to be disclosed, or fraudulent bank transfers to be made.

PhishMe, the leading provider of phishing defense solutions for enterprises, has announced that additional training modules have been made available through its complimentary computer-based training platform to help organizations teach their employees about these threats and improve phishing email identification skills. The new training programs can be used to train employees how to recognize CEO fraud, BEC scams and ransomware attacks and take the appropriate action.

Three further modules have also been made available covering advanced spear phishing, cloud computing and online cyber security awareness. The training modules take 10-15 minutes to complete and include an online quiz to test users’ new knowledge. The SCORM-compliant training modules can be incorporated into Learning Management Systems or run independently.

The training modules have been developed using data from PhishMe Intelligence™ and are based on real-world examples of phishing emails that are currently being used in attacks. To date, the CBFree program has been downloaded more than 3000 times. The training modules have been used by organizations to turn their employees from security liabilities into security assets.

“With the addition of these five new modules, PhishMe continues to be a leader in providing premium computer-based training for free and without obligation, which allows organizations to focus their efforts and resources on programs and products that go beyond just training and awareness to true behavioral change,” explained Jeff Orloff, Director of Content at PhishMe.

Author: NetSec Editor