PhishLine Announces New Partnership with Popcorn Training

Security awareness training and anti-phishing solution provider, PhishLine, has announced a new partnership with the South African security awareness company Popcorn Training. The new partnership will see Popcorn provide a range of new training materials that enhance PhishLine’s existing training program.

PhishLine’s Content Center Marketplace™ already includes a wealth of training material from world-class providers. Customers can select training materials to create tailored security awareness training programs to match their needs and requirements and also the needs of individual employees.

PhishLine has also developed a phishing and social engineering simulation platform to test employees’ knowledge and malicious email identification skills. Conducting phishing and social engineering simulations before and after training gives organizations an insight into their level of resilience against cyberattacks and the effectiveness of their training program.

The inclusion of Popcorn training material into the PhishLine Content Center Marketplace™ will help organizations achieve their training goals faster. Popcorn Training has developed a wide range of excellent content for end users.

Many security awareness training programs consist of boring PowerPoint presentations with no user interaction, whereas Popcorn’s training material is engaging, entertaining and highly memorable. The content makes security awareness training fun for the end user and organizations benefit from greater knowledge retention among employees. That means they can improve resilience against phishing and social engineering attacks and develop a security culture much more quickly.

“PhishLine and Popcorn Training’s three-prong approach of phishing simulations, engaging and short training material, as well as marketing elements, make this partnership a powerful change management offering,” said Anna Collard, CEO and founder of Popcorn Training.

Mark T. Chapman, President and founder of PhishLine, said “Adding Popcorn Training’s story based animation and high-quality video production training material to our catalog will provide PhishLine’s clients with even more options to keep their employees educated, engaged and entertained.”

Author: NetSec Editor