Phishing Simulation Certification Program Offered by Cofense

Cofense, the company formerly known as PhishMe, has launched the industry’s first ever phishing simulation certification program.

The course covers all of the skills necessary to construct, execute, and sustain phishing simulation and employee security awareness programs. After completing the training, security experts will be awarded with Cofense PhishMe certification which demonstrates their ability to run phishing simulation programs.

According to Cofense, the program will take approximately 4 hours to complete and consists of three training modules. Each training module covers several areas of study and can be completed over any length of time – whenever participants have the time spare.

If a training module needs to be stopped at any time – due to work or personal commitments – the course is automatically bookmarked and can be resumed at any point. Once all three modules have been successfully completed, Cofense will issue a certificate to demonstrate completion of the course. ISC(2) CPE credits will also be awarded to user who self-report.

The first step is the completion of the Application Module. This training module covers all the functions and features of the Cofense PhishMe phishing simulation platform, from developing and launching a campaign to setting up and managing reports and analytics. The module covers the creation of customized phishing campaigns as well as use of the extensive range of templates available through the platform. Users will also be shown how to develop security awareness educational content for employees.

The Threat Landscape Module helps participants understand the current threat landscape and runs through current and emerging phishing techniques and the common attack vectors. This module improves understanding of phishing and can be used to guide future simulations and the creation of training material for end users.

The third and final training module – the Methodology Module – covers best practices that should be adopted to create effective phishing simulation programs. Cofense passes on knowledge gained from working with thousands of clients, including many Fortune 100 firms and SMBs that have run their own phishing simulation programs.

The phishing simulation certification program has been made available to current Cofense customers and is free of charge under their product license.

Author: NetSec Editor