ParkMyCloud AWS Auto Scheduling Service Now Supports Multiple Users and AWS Accounts

ParkMyCloud has announced that its on/off scheduling platform for AWS now supports multiple users and AWS accounts.

ParkMyCloud was the first vendor to develop an automated scheduling service that can be used to switch off idle cloud resources to cut out wasted cloud spend. Its platform proved extremely popular with businesses whose cloud costs were spiraling due to them having to pay for resources that were largely unused.

Through ParkMyCloud, enterprises are able to switch off their AWS EC2 resources overnight, at weekends, and on public holidays, and during the week when they were not needed for their DevOps processes. By doings so, they are able to slash their cloud bills. With major savings to be made by using the platform, ParkMyCloud rapidly signed up customers for its service and now names Findly, ZestFinance, Avid, Neustar, Sage, and Wolters Kluwer among its customers.

While customers were happy with its service and the costs they were able to reduce by using the platform, many requested multi-user and multi-account functionality. ParkMyCloud responded and is now providing support for multiple accounts and multiple users. Through ParkMyCloud, companies can now manage costs on tends of thousands of cloud instances, used by hundreds of employees, and manage many different AWS accounts on the same platform.

ParkMyCloud says its latest update allows customers to mirror their internal structures and processes by adding teams leaders and team members to the platform, multiple AWS accounts within a single ParkMyCloud account, block teams from seeing the AWS instances used by other teams, and view all teams and linked AWS accounts in a single view. The redesign of the platform makes it even easier for enterprises to optimize their cloud spending and cut out wastage across all their AWS accounts.

“IT operations and infrastructure organizations of any size and configuration can now use ParkMyCloud to ‘park’ all of their idle AWS instances,” said ParkMyCloud Chief Technology Officer, Dale Wickizer, “making it even easier to reduce AWS spending.”

Author: NetSec Editor