ParkMyCloud and CloudHealth Technologies Announce New Optimized Cloud Cost Management Integration

ParkMyCloud, the leading provider of automated public cloud cost optimization solutions, and CloudHealth Technologies, the leading hybrid cloud governance platform provider, have depended their partnership and have announced a new technology integration to improve cloud governance and cost control for customers.

This is a first of its kind technical integration that will see the products of both companies fully integrated to provide customers with end-to-end multi-cloud cost control and visibility. Through a single user interface, customers will be able to monitor and manage costs across multiple cloud providers. They will be provided with recommendations through ParkMyCloud’s SmartParkingTM, advising them how to optimize their resources and automate on/off schedules with a few clicks through the CloudHealth platform.

The platform will offer recommendations from CloudHealth on how public and private cloud resources can be optimized with total security, and analytics and reporting on spending and savings can be obtained by environment, application, department, or resource. The increased visibility provided by the platform helps companies make smarter business decisions.

The need for cost optimization solutions for the cloud is clear. In 2018, more than $12.9 billion is expected to be wasted on unused cloud resources. Adoption of the platforms allow customers of ParkMyCloud and CloudHealth make huge savings on their cloud bills. ParkMyCloud notes that customers that have already started using the platform are saving an average of $25,000 per month on their cloud bills.

“We’re seeing a trend of more and more companies using multiple clouds,” said ParkMyCloud CEO Jay Chapel. “What single- and multi-cloud customers have in common are skyrocketing bills, and they don’t have the time or resources to control these costs. We solve this problem by providing an automated cost control solution. By combining this with CloudHealth’s visibility and governance, customers can achieve end-to-end cloud cost optimization and governance.”

Customers have praised the level of integration and have explained how rare it is for two platforms from different providers to be integrated so closely and work so well together. “What we need to manage and optimize our cloud environments is cost control, user governance, and detailed reporting,” said Melanie Metcalfe, Director of Project Support at Foster Moore. “It makes our cloud operations simpler and easier when solutions from different vendors are integrated out of the box, and we’re glad to see CloudHealth and ParkMyCloud making this a reality.”

Author: NetSec Editor