New TigerText Release Helps Healthcare Organizations Optimize Clinical Workflow

TigerText has updated its clinical communication platform and has added a host of new features in response to feedback received from its customers through the company’s voice-of-the-customer program. The new features are intended to help speed the exchange of health information and eliminate the frustrations clinicians have trying to coordinate patient care.

TigerText is the leading secure messaging solution provider for the healthcare industry and now has a 50% market share. The platform has proven popular due to its range of features, ease of use, and reliability. The platform is now being used by healthcare organizations to send more than 20 million messages a day and helps healthcare organizations improve communication efficiency and accelerate clinical workflows.

The TigerText Spring 2016 release adds new features such as priority messaging, auto-forwarding of unread messages, and introduced a new desktop version of the secure messaging app.

“The healthcare industry is riddled with cumbersome, outdated processes that prolong hospital stays, frustrate care providers, and dramatically spike healthcare costs for patients,” said Brad Brooks, co-founder, and CEO of TigerText. “At TigerText, we’re passionate about delivering features and strategies that help our customers find faster, more cost-effective ways to deliver care, resulting in a win-win for all parties – hospitals, care teams, and patients.”

Key updates in the Spring 2016 release include:

  • A new self-updating desktop app that can be used on Windows or Macs
  • Auto-forwarding of messages when users have activated Do Not Disturb mode
  • Priority messaging with a distinctive ring which keeps priority messages at the top of the inbox
  • Addition of the ‘Rooms’ community forum to allow users to communicate on topics of interest
  • A connection status banner that shows when connectivity is low or unavailable
  • An ‘Active’ Indicator that shows when users are present and available
  • Spotlight Search by Title and Role (iOS), which allows users to search TigerText contacts using iOS’ Spotlight Search capability

Uses of TigerText on Android devices benefits from a new design that allows faster navigation, they can manage TigerText users with Google’s MDM admin tool, and a new floating action button has been added that allows users to perform functions and draft messages from a single icon.

Several updates have been made to the platform that significantly improve usability, which include new protocols for data transfer that result in a tenfold increase in data transfer times, changes to Group Message Status to allow users to view the Sent/Delivered/Read status for each user in a group thread, and a new Search and Directory that allows content to be found by keyword and users to be looked up by role.

Author: NetSec Editor