KnowBe4 Secures Second Spot in Cybersecurity Ventures’ Cybersecurity 500 List

The Clearwater, FL-based security awareness training firm KnowBe4 has achieved second place in the Cybersecurity Ventures’ 2018 Cybersecurity 500 list

Each year, Cybersecurity Ventures compiles a list of the hottest startups in the field of cybersecurity. The list contains some of the most innovative companies that have developed cybersecurity solutions for businesses to secure networks and prevent unauthorized individuals from gaining access to sensitive information.

When considering companies for inclusion in the list, Cybersecurity Ventures assesses each on a wide range of criteria, including the effectiveness of a solution at solving a problem, published product reviews, conference demos and presentations, marketing and branding, VC funding, company growth, and feedback from CISOs, decision makers, IT security evaluators, VARs, and consultants.

According to Cybersecurity Ventures, “The Cybersecurity 500 creates awareness and recognition for the most innovative cybersecurity companies – ranging from the largest and most recognizable brands, to VC backed startups and emerging players, to small firms with potentially game-changing technologies, to solution providers poised for growth around productized or vertically focused services.”

Companies are being forced to invest heavily in cybersecurity solutions to defend against a wide range of threats. With the volume of cyberattacks soaring, it is no surprise that cybersecurity spending has been predicted to reach $10 billion by 2027.

One area that is seeing considerable investment is security awareness training. Companies have realized that even layered cybersecurity defenses can be easily bypassed with a single phishing email. It is therefore important to ensure that employees are trained to recognize threats. Without a security aware workforce, businesses will be extremely vulnerable to phishing attacks and other cyberattacks that target employees.

Security awareness training companies and anti-phishing solution vendors have been enjoying considerable growth as more businesses look to vendors to supply the platforms and content for their training programs. Knowbe4 has enjoyed a period of hypergrowth in the past year and has significantly expanded its customer base. This growth, along with positive reviews from users, has helped the firm rise from position six to position two in the quarterly Cybersecurity 500 list.

Author: NetSec Editor