KnowBe4 Records Impressive 255% Q4 2017 Growth

Knowbe4 is a leading provider of anti-phishing services, offering its customers a wide range of solutions to help them tackle the ever-present threat from phishing. The company, led by CEO Stu Sjouwerman, has been going from strength to strength, with the past quarter’s figures showing impressive company growth.

Knowbe4 has enjoyed 19 consecutive months of growth, and Q4, 2017 was particularly impressive. The company secured a record number of new accounts in Q4, 2017, helping the firm to register record-breaking quarter over quarter growth of 255%. Sjouwerman attributes this to the firm’s focus on customers and ‘its best-in-class’ platform.

The firm continuously develops its training material to ensure its customers are kept up to date on the latest phishing trends. The firm has also recently announced a new partnership with AwareGo, which has helped bolster its library of video training material. In the words of Sjouwerman, “We’ve continued to innovate and provide always-fresh content for [customers’] training needs.”

The excellent Q4 growth ends an excellent year for the Florida firm. Knowbe4 secured #5 spot in Florida’s 100 Fastest Growing Companies and #70 spot in Deloitte’s Fast 500 list of the fastest growing companies in North America.

Why Security Awareness Training for Employees is so Important

Phishing is an ever-present threat, and research shows it is a growing problem. Technology can only go so far, and sooner or later, employees will be tested. It is therefore essential to ensure that all staff are trained to deal with phishing threats when they arrive in inboxes.

Data theft is a serious risk for all companies, as is the threat of ransomware attacks. Ransomware attacks can cost companies dearly. A sizeable ransom must be paid to regain access to encrypted data, but even restoring files from backups can result in costly downtime. Knowbe4 says, “Ninety-three percent of phishing emails contain malicious ransomware attachments,” showing just how important security awareness training is. If employees are not trained to recognize the threats, ransomware attacks will often succeed.

With the threat of cyberattacks greater than ever, it is no surprise that firms like Knowbe4 are enjoying such impressive growth.

Author: NetSec Editor