KnowBe4 Announces Partnership with Abacode Cybersecurity

Abacode Cybersecurity is a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) solely focused on providing cybersecurity solutions for its clients.

Abacode Cybersecurity already offers its clients a full suite of cybersecurity solutions to help them protect against the full range of threats to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data and the security of systems and networks.

The increase in ransomware attacks on businesses calls for advanced defenses to be deployed to prevent the malicious software from being installed and ensure that any infection is rapidly identified and mitigated. Abacode Cybersecurity solutions help businesses implement technical solutions to improve their security posture, although there was a notable gap in its services – security awareness and anti-phishing training for employees.

Employees are targeted by cybercriminals as they represent a weak point in security defenses. If employees can be fooled into opening an infected email attachment or visiting a malicious website, ransomware and other malware variants can easily be installed. Phishing emails are often used to obtain login credentials to allow threat actors to gain a foothold in the network.

Jeremy Rasmussen, Abacode CTO and Dir. of Cybersecurity said, “Abacode partners and clients are looking to us for best-in-class security solutions in order to meet their business compliance and cyber-risk needs.  We understand that one of the most important lines of defense against a ransomware attack, their people, are critical to this effort.”

The MSSP has announced it is now collaborating with KnowBe4 via its partner program. The partnership allows Abacode clients to provide their staff with essential training and conduct phishing simulations without having to deploy and manage the KnowBe4 platform themselves, making security awareness training simple.

KnowBe4’s training content and phishing simulation platform has now been adopted by more than 15,000 businesses worldwide who use the platform to improve their security posture by developing a human firewall. The latest partnership will help KnowBe4 improve its global reach, while Abacode clients have the opportunity of developing the cybersecurity skills of their employees.

Author: NetSec Editor