New Service Streamlines Process of Finding HIPAA Compliant Vendors

Finding HIPAA compliant vendors can be difficult for healthcare providers, health plans and other HIPAA covered entities. Any prospective vendor is required to comply with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Rules. They must agree to implement robust security controls to safeguard any PHI that is supplied, comply with HIPAA Privacy Rule provisions, and agree to send notifications in the event of a PHI breach.

Once a prospective vendor has been identified, their business associate agreement must be scrutinized, which often incurs legal fees. Only when their BAA has been confirmed as meeting HIPAA requirements, and reasonable assurances have been obtained that the business associate will follow HIPAA Rules, can a contract be signed, and their service or products used.

Business associates also face problems when attempting to secure contracts with HIPAA covered entities. Marketing their services to HIPAA covered entities can be time consuming and costly, and it can be difficult to stand out from the competition and get noticed.

HIPAA Alliance Marketplace Connects Healthcare Organizations with HIPAA Compliant Vendors

There are many online platforms that connect consumers with trusted contractors, but until recently, there has not been an equivalent online platform that allows HIPAA-covered entities to connect with HIPAA compliant vendors. However, this week, the Compliancy Group has announced the launch of the HIPAA Alliance Marketplace.

The HIPAA Alliance Marketplace is a closed ecosystem populated by HIPAA compliant vendors, all of whom have been heavily vetted to ensure their products and services can be used by HIPAA-covered entities safely and securely.

In order for a vendor to be included in the HIPAA Alliance Marketplace, they must agree to an audit to ensure they comply with all aspects of HIPAA Rules and have a HIPAA-compliant business associate agreement. Each vendor is verified for compliance by the Compliancy Group and is issued with a HIPAA Seal of Compliance.

Healthcare organizations can sign up to use the HIPAA Alliance Marketplace and search for a wide range of vendors, including software and app developers, billing and collections firms, IT service providers, Managed Service Providers, practice management solution providers, insurance companies, printing and mailing vendors, data encryption providers, EHRs, hosting and cloud storage firms and many more.

The HIPAA Alliance Marketplace helps healthcare organizations find HIPAA compliant business associates, and vendors establish themselves as trusted business associates, saving all parties time, money, and hassle.

Author: NetSec Editor