GDPR Consultation Launched by British Fundraising Regulator” is locked GDPR Consultation Launched by British Fundraising Regulator

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legisation, being introduced by the European Union in May 2018, is formulate to allow individuals more control of their own private personal data.

Due to the need to achieve compliance with GDPR regulations, business are expected to find profitable the opportunities of the digital sector. The we get to the May 25 2018 compliance deadline, different institutions are starting to recognize the scope of applicability.

The Fundraising Regulator has begun a consultation process regarding the amendments to the law it wishes to see passed in order to ensure that all guidance and language is consistent with the GDPR. At present, the organization gathers opinions from the public, charities and fundraisers on a refreshed version of the Code of Fundraising Practice.

The proposed amendments address several complications issues found in the penalty notices by ICO. They also improve accessibility to regulations on data protection making it easier to find existing ICO and Fundraising Regulator assistance. The amendments expand the definition of key terms.

The Code of Fundraising Practice has introduced three new sections that ensure correlation with GDPR. These sections aim to give additional understanding on legitimate interest, including consent, legitimate interest and processing. Under the consent section, the amendments intend to incorporate draft ICO GDPR assistance from when GDPR is introduced. Under the processing section, the regulator wished to emphasize that ‘processing’ means any activity that deals with individual’s personal data. In this instance the protection rules will be applicable.

For the Legitimate Interest section, GDPR and National Council for Voluntary Organizations (NCVO) working group recommendations will be taken into consideration into the code. The regulator states that protection of private personal data is a vital element in meeting the required principles of legal, open, honest and respectful fundraising within the Code of Fundraising Practice.

Author: GDPR News