Compliance with HIPAA Regulations Demonstrated by Selarom

Selarom is a specialist cybersecurity company that supplies services to healthcare groups organizations to help them secure their sensitive data and adhere with HIPAA Rules.

The company –  which is based in El Monte, California – now offers a ‘HIPAA Compliance Complete Solution’ and provides a thorough security package for both the managerial and technical sides of groups. Ensuring sensitive information stays private and confidential is the company’s chief aim.

HIPAA compliance is more important today than at any point in the past. The amount number of cyberattacks on healthcare groups has reached never before seen levels. 500+ record healthcare data breaches now being reported at a rate of greater than one a day. If a breach happens, the HHS’ Office for Civil Rights will investigate and ask for proof of HIPAA compliance.

Many small healthcare providers find it difficult to comply with all provisions of the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules. If a breach or audit occurs, those providers will be at risk of regulatory fines.

Selarom assists companies secure their data and eliminate data breaches. The company sees to it that, that in the event of a breach, it will be possible to show all reasonable and appropriate controls had been implemented in full compliance with HIPAA Rules, thus preventing regulatory fines.

To help provide a more thorough offering to its clients, Selarom linked up with the Compliancy Group. Through the use of The Guard, Compliancy Group’s proprietary compliance software, Selarom has was able to show full compliance with all parts of HIPAA and HITECH Act regulations and has been given Compliancy Group’s HIPAA Seal of Compliance.

Selarom is now supplying an all-in-one security and compliance solution that includes a breach prevention platform, incident response and reiew, security risk assessments, employee training, and audit support.

Author: Security News