Cofense Triage Named Best Phishing Defense Solution by CSO Online

CSO Online, the leading online resource for security professionals, has conducted an in-depth review of software security solutions and has picked 12 of the best and most effective cybersecurity products currently on the market.

Each product was evaluated using strict reviewing methodologies to gain a full understanding of how the solution worked, how it could be deployed in customer environments, and its effectiveness at dealing with some of the most dangerous threats faced by businesses.

With so many security solutions on the market, and so many different aspects of cybersecurity to cover, it was necessary to narrow down the options. CSO Online based its review on the top cybersecurity technologies identified by Gartner’s analysts as providing the best protection against the newest range of cybersecurity threats.

CSO Online tested each product in a production environment provided by the vendor and unleashed some of the most dangerous malware threats to determine how each performed.

The top 12 products were selected in the following categories: Network security, intrusion detection, phishing defense, application security, endpoint security, compliance, threat hunting, vulnerability management.

While some categories had multiple winners, there was one product selected as best-of-breed in the phishing defense category: Cofense Triage.

Most businesses have email gateway solutions in place that prevent the majority of phishing emails from reaching end users’ inboxes. Security awareness training makes sure employees have the skills to identify threats that make it past perimeter defenses. It is also common to deploy a phishing reporting solution to help employees quickly report phishing threats to their security teams.

Employees tend to err on the side of caution and report many emails to their security teams, including legitimate messages, benign spam emails, as well as phishing attempts. According to Cofense, only around 10% of the reported emails are actual threats that need to be remediated.

Security teams therefore waste a considerable amount of time assessing false positives, instead of dealing with the real threats. This is where Cofense Triage helps.

The anti-phishing solution helps security teams identify the real threats quickly, cutting out the time spent assessing false positives. The solution automates the prioritization, analysis, and response to phishing threats and provides security teams with the detailed information they need to address email threats quickly and efficiently before they result in a data breach.

CSO Online reviewer, John Breeden II assessed Cofense Triage and explained that the product is constantly evolving, but in its current form it “represents one of the most advanced defenses against phishing.”

“Secure email gateways are bypassed daily by phishing emails and our research has shown us that awareness is not enough to stop phishing attack impact,” said Aaron Higbee, CTO and co-founder of Cofense. “Cofense Triage is crucial for security operations teams to quickly find and disrupt active phishing attacks mere minutes after being reported within their organization. Having Triage recognized as one of this year’s best security software solutions, and the best phishing defense solution, by the technical experts at CSO Online is a true testament to that ability.”

Author: NetSec Editor