Cofense Re-Launches Reseller Channel Program as it Adopts a 100% Indirect Sales Model

Cofense, formerly PhishMe, is moving away from direct sales and plans to become a 100% channel focused company. The Leesburg, VA based firm has now taken a step closer to that goal with the relaunch of its its reseller channel program, as the firm aims to expand its 300+ network of global sales partners.

The Cofense partner program has proven extremely popular with managed service providers (MSPs) whose clients are realizing the benefits to be gained from training the workforce to be more security aware.  Phishing attacks are now the number one threat faced by businesses, and while email security solutions are being deployed to reduce the threat, malicious messages are still delivered to end users’ inboxes.

Previous research from Cofense has shown that more than 90% of all data breaches start with a phishing email, highlighting the importance of ensuring all employees have the necessary skills to recognize phishing, spear phishing and other email threats. With IT teams already struggling with heavy workloads, many businesses are choosing to outsource their training programs to managed service providers to run the security awareness training programs and phishing simulations.

The Cofense suite of anti-phishing solutions is an ideal addition to MSPs service stacks, offering an easy way to provide greater value to clients while improving bottom lines. However, the re-launch of the reseller channel program makes Cofense even more attractive, with new incentives incorporated for resellers, along with lead sharing opportunities and marketing programs to help partners achieve more sales.

Cofense will also be providing more in-depth threat intelligence and detailed malware reports to allow MSPs and resellers to provide up to the minute advice to clients on current and emerging threats. Armed with that information, MSPs and resellers can advise their customers about the biggest risks to their businesses and take steps to counter the threat and prevent data breaches.

The move to a 100% channel sales model makes perfect sense. By concentrating solely on indirect sales, Cofense will be able to deepen relationships with resellers, value added resellers, MSPs, and distributors and streamline the process for customers to obtain and use its security and training solutions.

“Our key partnerships will heavily expand Cofense’s reach deep into international markets to bring human-focused phishing defence capabilities to a broader global customer base that understand technology alone isn’t enough to combat today’s most advanced cyberthreats,” said Gordon Lawson, Senior VP of global sales at Cofense.

With the threat from phishing, BEC attacks, and spear phishing greater than ever, there is incredible demand for anti-phishing and security awareness training solutions. The move to a 100% channel-focused sales model will help the firm deliver its award-winning solutions to more customers and help them prevent costly data breaches.

Author: NetSec Editor