Cofense Reporter Now Allows Easy Reporting of Phishing Threats on Smartphones

Approximately 70% of workers say they regularly use their smartphones to check their work emails outside office hours. This allows workers to get ahead before the working day starts, and it can also help security teams respond to phishing threats more quickly.

Phishing reporting solutions have been developed to make it as easy as possible for employees to report suspicious emails to their security teams quickly. The sooner a malicious message is reported, the sooner action can be taken to mitigate risk. Speed is of the essence when dealing with phishing attacks in progress, so it is important that employees can report suspicious emails to their security teams instantly, no matter how they access their email accounts.

While a phishing email reporting solution may have been added to work computers, the same anti-phishing control is not usually present on smartphones. If employees access their work emails outside of office hours, yet cannot report suspicious emails on those devices, valuable hours are lost mitigating current phishing attacks.

Cofense has developed a solution. The firm’s popular email add-on for desktops, Cofense Reporter, has been developed for use on mobile phones, ensuring phishing emails can be reported rapidly and security incidents can be tackled in real-time. Cofense has developed this reporting solution to work on Microsoft Outlook on all mobile platforms, including Office 365, Android devices, and iOS. The solution allows employees to report suspicious emails with a single click, regardless of the device they are using to check their emails.

Cofense Reporter is now used on more than 11 million desktops and mobile devices and the firm is seeing incredible growth. In the past three months alone the solution has been installed on a further 1 million devices.

Cofense has also announced it has made several enhancements to its PhishMe platform to ensure more accurate tracking of the opening of Office documents on both workstations and mobile devices. Cofense is currently the only anti-phishing training and phishing simulation platform provider to provide such detailed reporting and tracking of employee’s actions.

“From coffee shops to living rooms, employees are continuously connected to their corporate email across multiple devices and tablets, leaving them at risk to phishing threats while they’re working on the go,” said Rohyt Belani, Co-Founder and CEO of Cofense. “Phishing attacks don’t conform to standard office hours and neither can awareness and incident response.”

Author: NetSec Editor