Cofense PhishMe Update Adds Further Opportunities for Automation of Phishing Simulation Campaigns

Cofense has released another update to its product line, providing even more opportunities for automation of phishing simulation exercises.

The benefits to be gained from conducting phishing simulation exercises are clear – They allow organizations assess the effectiveness of their security awareness and anti-phishing training programs and condition employees to report phishing threats in a safe environment. They also help security teams identify weak points in their campaigns and identify individuals who require further training.

Any time spent creating and running phishing simulation exercises is time well spent, as through phishing simulations susceptibility to phishing attacks can be reduced by around 95%.

Creating the campaigns and running them throughout the year takes time – something which security teams have precious little of with their busy workloads. The latest updates to the Cofense PhishMe platform allow IT teams to strategically plan and automate phishing simulation programs and crate and schedule the campaigns in a fraction of the time.

The latest updates allow security teams to use playbooks in their phishing simulation campaigns to customize and schedule tasks which would normally have to be completed by an administrator. The playbooks have been integrated into the administrator view to make it easy to create and manage phishing simulation programs. The playbooks automatically create templates, schedule them, and launch them throughout the year. Administrators can also select the criteria for the playbooks and they will automatically send email reminders to end users based on program activity and status.

The time the playbooks save is considerable. In just 15 minutes, an administrator can create 12 complete phishing scenarios and schedule them throughout the year. Without this level of automation, it would take the same administrator around 3 hours to complete the same tasks. That represents a time saving of 91%.

Further, the playbooks incorporate lessons learned from 400 of the Fortune 1000 companies that have used Cofense PhishMe to create their own phishing simulation programs.

“At Cofense we believe in automation as a way to relieve security operators of the repetitive tasks to allow them to focus on strategic, intelligent decision-making,” said Rohyt Belani, Co-founder and CEO of Cofense. “Playbooks are meant to allow both managed services providers and our end clients the ability to choose various programs just like one does on a treadmill in a gym, so they don’t need to focus on the metaphorical tasks of having to change speed and incline but can instead focus on designing and tracking the appropriate success criteria and presenting them appropriately to senior management.”

The latest updates, along with the SOAR platform, board reporting function, Microsoft attachment tracking, and introduction of mobile Cofense Reporter has helped ensure the Cofense anti-phishing product line continues to lead the market.

Author: NetSec Editor