Cofense Named One of 2018 Best Workplaces by Inc. Magazine

For the past three years, Inc. Magazine has compiled an annual list of the best workplaces in the United States. The list is based on a comprehensive analysis of privately held and independent companies that have a vibrant culture, deeply engage employees, and offer excellent employee benefits.

Each year, thousands of applicants vie to be included on the list, with the applicants whittled down to the top 300 companies. To be considered for inclusion, a company must be privately held, independent, based in the United States, and not be a subsidiary of another company.

The Best Workplaces list was developed in conjunction with Quantum Workplace, the Omaha, NE-based employment engagement and work culture experts, to recognize the companies that are raising the bar and have become truly inspirational places to work. The list show companies what it takes to compete with the top companies in the country and attract the best talent.

While generous pay packets and employee benefits are certainly a good start, Inc. Magazine points out that becoming one of the Best Workplaces takes much more and requires the firm to have a clear sense of purpose and great leadership, with a sense of humor also helping to create a great place to work.

The companies are assessed on the benefits offered to employees and on the responses to a 30-question survey sent to the firm’s employees. The surveys are assessed by the research team at Quantum Workplace, and scores are given for each firm, which are normalized to account for differences in company size.

2018 is the first year that an employee survey has been incorporated into the assessment process. “[This Year], we’ve really raised the bar. Companies that don’t score at the very top of their peer group don’t make the cut. So, our hats are off to the winners. They all excelled at engaging their workers, making them feel appreciated, and aligning them behind a mission. And remember, that’s not just our opinion: The employees told us that themselves,” says James Ledbetter, Inc. editor-in-chief.

Cofense, the Leesburg, VA-based provider of human-driven phishing defense solutions, has been included in this year’s top 300 list. “Being recognized as one of the Best Places to Work by Inc. Magazine is an honor, especially since this program is based directly on employee feedback,” says Rohyt Belani, CEO of Cofense. “We know that our team members have the choice of where they work, and our continued success is a direct result of their incredible efforts. By cultivating a creative, collaborative and innovative work environment, we strive every day to empower our team members to grow, collaborate and learn.”

The 2018 Best Workplaces list will be published in the June issue of Inc. Magazine.

Author: NetSec Editor