Cofense Expands 24/7 Global Phishing Defense Services

Cofense has announced that it has expanded its 24/7 Phishing Defense Service to provide even greater support to customers outside business hours and ensure that phishing threats are identified in the shortest possible time.

The Cofense Phishing Defense Center (PDC) was launched to ease the burden on IT security teams by allowing them to offload some of the burden of searching through emails reported by their end users and analysing those emails to identify the real threats.

When employees report suspicious emails – through Cofense Reporter for instance – the emails are sent to Cofense Triage for analysis. The malware and threat analysts in the Cofense PDC team conduct an in-depth analysis of the reported threats and send detailed information back to customers’ incident responders that allows them to take action to mitigate the threat. The faster a threat can be identified, the lower the chance of an employee responding to the threat.

The Phishing Defense Service saves organizations a considerable amount of time and effort and allows threats to be identified and mitigated much more rapidly. With the volume of phishing threats increasing, incident responders can easily get bogged down identifying threats in the hundreds of emails that are reported as ‘suspicious’ by their employees. Data from Cofense suggests that on average, only 10%-15% of reported emails are malicious, but all messages need to be checked and assessed.

The Cofense PDC team already works around the clock to assess active phishing threats, however, the expansion of the service ensures that regardless of the time of day or night, new threats are identified in the shortest possible time frame. This is especially important for companies that have offices in multiple countries and time zones. Those companies should not have to wait until business hours for threats to be identified. They need to be identified day or night.

“Since threat actors don’t sleep, neither should your defense capabilities,” explained Josh Nicholson, Senior VP of Professional Services at Cofense. “Our enhanced, round-the-clock phishing defense service puts customers at ease by offering expert analysis and response for any reported suspicious email, any day, any time, in a matter of minutes.”

The expansion will ensure that malware analysts are always on hand to assess reported phishing attempts and help customers mitigate new phishing attempts much more rapidly.

Author: NetSec Editor