Cofense Enhances its Industry Leading Security Awareness and Employee Conditioning Solutions

Cofense, the leading provider of security awareness and employee conditioning solutions for businesses to help them manage phishing risk, has announced it has made several key enhancements to its human phishing defense program including the introduction of more industry firsts.

The updates include enhanced analytics and reporting functions that allow administrators to generate boardroom-level quality reports demonstrating the results of the organization’s phishing defense program – No other anti-phishing solution provider currently offers report generation of boardroom level quality. With boards now taking a more active interest in their organization’s cyber security program and security posture, the reports are invaluable for demonstrating the effectiveness of security awareness training and ROI.

The update also includes Recipient Management functions which make it easier for administrators to manage and update employee information for their phishing simulation campaigns. New features include reporting enhancements, dynamic groups, and enhancements to make it easier to manage additional training needs and review user-specific activity.

Cofense has now incorporated Learning Management System (Cofense LMSTM) Auto Enrollment. When users fail phishing simulations, the platform can be configured to automatically enroll them in further training programs, streamlining the allocation of training to improve security awareness of the workforce.

While HTML emails are useful for phishing simulations, they are not always appropriate for all offices. Locations that use plain text email can now be tested against real world phishing attacks using plain text phishing emails, which can be sent through the Cofense PhishMe Simulator.

Another first in the industry is the inclusion of auto attachment tracking, which allows administrators to automatically track which users have opened attachments in simulated phishing emails and provide further education to reduce susceptibility to attachment-based attacks in the future.

Cofense has also enhanced the educational content in its training library and will continue to do so throughout the year to help customers improve employee awareness of new and emerging threats.

“We’re excited about these new features and several pending product innovations that will further strengthen the integration between security training and incident response – ensuring that our customers have the best collective defense program in place,” said Aaron Higbee, co-founder and CTO of Cofense.

Author: NetSec Editor