Cofense Appoints Tonia Dudley as Security Solutions Advisor

Cofense has announced that the security industry veteran Tonia Dudley has been recruited and will become the company’s first Security Solutions Advisor.

Tonia has extensive experience in developing and managing incident response, cybersecurity awareness programs, and IT compliance programs at large multinational organizations. Tonia is a board member of the National Cybersecurity Society, which helps to raise awareness of the need for small businesses to implement cybersecurity solutions.

Tonia has joined Cofense from the Charles Schwab Corporation, where she spent three years managing its cybersecurity programs and developing cybersecurity awareness strategies to improve the company’s security posture.

Tonia’s role at Cofense will be focused on phishing defense advocacy. She has been tasked with demonstrating how Cofense anti-phishing solutions work and reduce the impact of phishing attacks around the world, and how important Cofense anti-phishing solutions are for businesses.

Tonia will achieve this through a variety of speaking engagements, publishing platforms, and various media opportunities. Additionally, Tonia will advise Cofense product teams on specific customer and market driven needs, will help streamline product roadmaps, and will play an important part in the creation of Cofense’s inaugural international customer advisory board.

“From this year’s rebrand and acquisition announcement, to shifting our sales model to 100% channel, and now with the addition of Tonia to our team, we are continuing to maintain our leading position in phishing defense,” said Jim Hansen, President and Chief Operating Officer at Cofense. “We will continue to innovate new ways for organizations to identify, respond to and disrupt attacks that bypassed their failed email gateways by utilizing advanced phishing automation and orchestration techniques powered by human intelligence.”

“I am excited to join Cofense where I can really execute on my passion to build and improve security awareness and incident response programs across all major industries. With the threat landscape constantly evolving, our end users are the front-line entry points to threats that are sneaking their way through failing technology layers,” said Tonia Dudley. “Cybersecurity is more than just checking a box, it is something that must be prioritized across every level of an organization. We need to align our security awareness and incident response programs to ensure we’re collaborating and collectively fighting and winning this daily battle by disrupting attacks in-real time before real damage occurs.”

Author: NetSec Editor