CloudHealth Technologies Now Provides Support for Azure Cloud Solution Providers

The Boston-based cloud service management company CloudHealth Technologies has announced it is now providing support for the Microsoft Azure Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program.

Now Azure CPSs can use the CloudHealth platform to provide even greater levels of support for their customers and obtain real-time visibility into their customers’ cloud environments to identify areas for optimization and cost reduction.

Through the CloudHealth platform, users are presented with a consolidated view of usage, performance, security and cost of their Microsoft Azure and hybrid cloud environments. All information is clearly presented through a single pane of glass.

Azure CSPs have access to all the information they need to develop robust governance policies to ensure continuous optimization and management of Azure environments, view up-to-the-minute information on costs and billing information, provide partner billing support, and help their customers plan successful cloud migrations.

Managed service providers have the opportunity to provide a range of cloud services to their customers through use of the CloudHealth platform, although there is considerable potential for providing value-added services to help customers maximize their Azure investments.

CloudHealth Technologies has already developed an extensive network of partners that use the platform to provide cloud management and cost optimization services to their customers, as well as additional strategic services to differentiate their offerings.

Logicworks is one such partner that uses the CloudHealth platform to help its customers optimize the return on their cloud investments and provides best practice reporting and rightsizing recommendations to its customers. The attraction of the CloudHealth platform is clear: “CloudHealth provides a single pane of glass to monitor multiple clouds and oversee budget, best practices and operational metrics,” said Steven Zeller, Vice President of Product Marketing for Logicworks.

“Our partnership with CloudHealth Technologies ensures that we can provide the best reporting, analysis and recommendations, specifically tailored to their environment,” said Ghassan Zalaf, Head of Service Delivery, Bulletproof. Bulletproof uses the CloudHealth platform to provide its customers with better operational intelligence and greater control over their cloud environments.

“Users rely on the cloud to fuel their business and drive innovation. We’re working to help Azure CSPs unleash the full potential of their customers’ cloud environments, which has a direct impact on growth, agility and rate of innovation,” said Bob Kilbride, Channel Sales Director, CloudHealth Technologies.

Author: NetSec Editor