CloudHealth Technologies Launches Next-Generation Policy Engine That Simplifies Cloud Governance

CloudHealth Technologies has launched its next-generation policy engine which the Boston-based firm claims strengthens cloud governance as well as simplifying the management, allowing businesses to spend less time on managing their cloud resources and put that time to much better use.

The new policy engine governs cloud infrastructure in a totally new way. While a policy-driven method is an efficient way to manage hybrid cloud environments at scale, this method requires the use of software to capture information and drives behavior based on internal polices, reference architectures, and best practices.

The CloudHealth next generation policy engine uses a “governance as code” approach which removes most of the work involved. The platform incorporates best practices covering all services, infrastructure and applications across cost, availability, performance, security, and usage. CloudHealth explains that its policies mimic visual processing languages “by virtue of their high extensibility at both an object, rule, condition and action level.”

By incorporating customizable best practice policies into the CloudHealth platform, governing cloud infrastructure has been greatly simplified. This totally new approach helps organizations maintain a more thoughtful governance strategy, even when AWS environments are scaled up.

While it was once possible to manage cloud environments manually, the pace of change in the cloud and the complex nature of hybrid cloud environments means that is no longer possible. Cloud governance now requires automated solutions that can deliver continuous improvements as organizations scale up their use of the cloud.

“To drive and maintain optimized cost, security, performance, availability and compliance of your cloud applications and infrastructure, it is critical to define governance policies that automate continuous improvement at scale,” said Joe Kinsella, CTO and Founder of CloudHealth Technologies.

“Today’s cloud user must leverage the collective learnings of others who have achieved success. Our next-generation policy engine provides the ability to leverage a fully extensible framework, so you can manage best practices at cloud scale.”

Vikram Pillai, Chief Architect, Director of Engineering, CloudHealth Technologies, and Chris Lyon, VP of Engineering, Mulesoft, which has used CloudHealth to drive successful governance, will be conducting a session at the upcoming AWS re:Invent conference on Thursday, November 30, and 1:45pm.

The session – Leveraging a Cloud Policy Framework – From Zero to Well Governed – will provide attendees with valuable information that will help them leverage a cloud policy framework for effective governance, including step-by-step procedures to follow to achieve an optimal rollout.

Author: NetSec Editor