CloudHealth Technologies Adds Support for the Google Cloud Platform

Managing multi-cloud environments can be complex and time-consuming process. Many companies lack visibility into the cloud resources they have provisioned and how they are being used, which makes keeping control of costs a major challenge.

As cloud migration increases, and businesses take advantage of the flexibility and cost benefits from using multiple cloud platforms, it often leads to cloud chaos. That was the case for CloudHealth Technologies CTO Joe Kinsella. Kinsella decided to form CloudHealth Technologies in 2012 to address the problem.

Now six years on, the company is the leading provider of cloud management solutions that give businesses total visibility into their cloud environments, cloud usage, and costs. The platform allows them to carefully manage their cloud environments, keep close control of costs, maximize their investments, and cut back on the man-hours committed to cloud management.

The CloudHealth cloud management platform was initially developed to work with AWS, although support has since been added for Microsoft Azure, and VMware, although there was not sufficient demand for the startup to commit the necessary resources to adding support for the Google Cloud Platform. Until now that is.

Over the past 18 months, CloudHealth Technologies has received an increasing number of requests from customers who want the same level of visibility provided through the platform for AWS, Azure and VMWare but for the Google Cloud Platform.

Now the company has committed the necessary resources for the development of support for the Google Cloud Platform. On July 19, 2018, Google Cloud support was incorporated into its platform.

Now that support has been added, customers are able to manage their AWS, Azure, VMware, and Google Cloud instances within the same console. Assets can be monitored and managed and automation can be created around many management tasks.

The platform provides customers with insights into current and past usage, resource consumption, and provides usage trend data allowing businesses to effectively plan and make data-driven decisions and predictions in real time. The platform provides businesses with opportunities where cost savings can be made and alerts can be triggered when usage and cost are out of compliance, allowing them to stay ahead of the curve and avoid major cost overruns.

“As Google Cloud Platform adoption continues to rise, CloudHealth gives organizations unparalleled visibility into cost and usage, while equipping them with the governance capabilities needed to optimize their Google Cloud Platform environment,” said Joe Kinsella, Founder and CTO, CloudHealth Technologies. “With CloudHealth Technologies, customers are able to benefit from a proven approach to cloud control and optimization, allowing them to easily innovate with Google Cloud Platform throughout their entire cloud journey.”

Author: NetSec Editor