CloudHealth Partners with Brazilian Next-Gen MSP Dedalus Prime

CloudHealth Technologies has announced a new partnership with the leading Brazilian managed service provider (MSP) Dedalus Prime.

Dedalus Prime is a next-generation MSP that has helped many Latin American companies transform their businesses and gain a competitive edge by migrating to the cloud. Dedalus Prime has forged strong partnerships with all of the major cloud providers and is one of the largest AWS partners in Latin America.

The partnership with CloudHealth will help the company provide even more value to its customers, not only helping them transition to the cloud, but also get the very best return on their investment.

Dedalus Prime is now incorporating the CloudHealth platform into its managed service offerings to help its customers optimize their cloud environments and save up to 30% off their monthly cloud bills, while simplifying governance of their cloud environments.

Cloud cost management is a hot topic at present. Now that businesses have migrated to the cloud, they are looking to cut back on unnecessary expenditure and streamline cloud governance. MSPs that can help businesses establish best practices for cost optimization and governance can gain a significant competitive advantage.

The partnership will see Dedalus Prime to offer its customers advanced cloud cost management and investment savings. “We’re not just talking about Cloud costs, but the unpredictable nature of Cloud spend as environments scale,” said Dedalus Prime President Maurício Fernandes. “No matter the size of the company, the maturity, or the conventional practices of governance, cost management is the theme of the moment and keeps us very optimistic about this new partnership.”

Dedalus Prime will become the premier CloudHealth partner in Latin America and is a welcome addition to the CloudHealth Technologies growing partner ecosystem.

Author: NetSec Editor