CloudHealth Partners with ParkMyCloud to Simplify Cloud Management and Cost Control

The leading cloud service management firm CloudHealth has partnered with ParkMyCloud to combine cloud management with cost control. CloudHealth simplifies the management of hybrid cloud governance, while ParkMyCloud cuts out wastage by automatically switching off cloud resources when they are not in use.

One of the problems that organizations face when they migrate to the cloud is their level of consumption increases overtime, and they end up spending far more on the cloud than they anticipated. The costs have to be covered, but in many cases the increased cost is not accounted for and must be found somewhere in the budget. To prevent cost overruns, organizations must carefully manage their cloud usage and cut back on unnecessary spending. The partnership helps organizations do both.

Through CloudHealth and ParkMyCloud organizations can carefully manage their hybrid cloud resources and reduce expenditure on the cloud. They are provided with complete visibility into multi-cloud environments which provides better business value and ensures efficient use of the cloud and a better ROI on cloud investment.

The CloudHealth platform provides an easy way to take advantage of reserved instances (RI) in AWS and Azure. Through CloudHealth, it is not necessary to constantly monitor RIs. The service allows organizations to rightsize their environment and manage resources better to prevent overspending – managing the entire hybrid cloud environment through one easy to use platform. CloudHealth also helps organizations ensure security policies are applied correctly and best practices are followed – turning those best practices into out-of-the-box polices, with alerts generated when policies are violated.

CloudHealth helps businesses manage and use the cloud efficiently, with cloud resources broken down into environments, departments, applications, and resources, allowing users to manage resources more efficiently. This is achieved via customized dashboards for different departments and personnel. Total visibility and better analytics helps businesses make smarter decisions.

Through ParkMyCloud, cloud resources are automatically scheduled so they are switched on when they are needed to avoid disruption and are turned off when they are idle to avoid unnecessary expenditure. The automation means staff do not have to perform the tedious task of manually turning off cloud resources and their time can be put to much better use. They no longer need to be focused on keeping the lights on – that time can be devoted to innovation. The partnership means anyone in an organization has visibility into cloud usage, man manage resources efficiently, and can be responsible for their own cloud costs.

“In partnering with ParkMyCloud, we’re eliminating cloud management inefficiency and bridging t­­he divide between cost and utilization. We’re uniting disparate cloud environments, business ops and DevOps teams by equipping them with the tools they need to be agile and productive,” said Tom Axbey, CEO and President of CloudHealth Technologies.

By collaborating with CloudHealth Technologies, we are providing customers with end-to-end visibility and control over their environments for optimized cloud usage and spend,” said Jay Chapel, CEO and Founder of ParkMyCloud.

CloudHealth customers can now purchase ParkMyCloud licenses directly through CloudHealth.

Author: NetSec Editor