CloudHealth Hybrid Provides Insights into all Hybrid Cloud Resources in a Single Platform

CloudHealth By VMware has announced that it will soon be launching a new solution to help organizations manage and optimize their hybrid cloud environments. It has been a year since CloudHealth Technologies was acquired by VMware, and while there has been huge investment in the public cloud and significant growth of its customer base in that time, the company believes it has only just scratched the surface of multicloud management.

One of the latest developments to come from the acquisition is a merging of technologies to help customers who have adopted a hybrid cloud solution, or are using it as a stepping stone to a full multicloud infrastructure.

Customers who have adopted a hybrid cloud approach have until now had to use different solutions to gain the visibility into their hybrid cloud environment they need to effectively manage cost, usage, and performance. By the end of Q3, 2019, CloudHealth Hybrid will be released and will provide visibility into cost, usage, and performance of all hybrid cloud resources through a single solution.

CloudHealth Hybrid incorporates the functionality of the CloudHealth Data Center and the functionality of VMware vRealize Business for Cloud (vRBC), which have been combined into a single SaaS offering. vRealize helps organizations achieve operational efficiency and automation, while CloudHealth offers collaboration, governance, and optimization.

The new solution will give organizations the visibility they need to be able to easily identify opportunities for cost savings and align cost and usage by business unit for showback and plan successful migrations.

The CloudHealth Data Center was developed as an add-on module for public cloud customers that provided cost and usage data for their VMware vSphere infrastructure. It also provided migration assessments from their data center to a public cloud.

CloudHealth Hybrid takes things a step further and gives organizations a host of new capabilities for hybrid and multicloud environments. Primarily, CloudHealth Hybrid provides optimization, migration assessment, and governance and gives full visibility into all cloud costs. A complete view of cloud costs allows firms to identify areas where wastage is occurring.

The solution also provides insights into the costs of multiple clouds to help organizations that are considering migrating some of their data center functions to the public cloud, which will allow them to make better migration decisions and properly rightsize their environments. The platform also allows users to create policies to ensure proper usage, and alerts and notifications generated to ensure continued optimal use of cloud resources. The solution also incorporates several security features to prevent the introduction of vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

“The introduction of CloudHealth Hybrid shows the commitment of VMware to accelerating and optimizing our customers’ journey to multicloud and hybrid cloud,” said CloudHealth. “It’s been an exciting 12 months and we’re just getting started.”

Author: NetSec Editor