CloudHealth FlexReports Help Customers Unlock the Full Potential of Cloud Data

CloudHealth, one of the leaders in digital transformation to help companies gain a competitive advantage in the cloud, has announced that CloudHealth FlexReports are now generally available.

FlexReports have been released to help companies unlock the full potential of data in the CloudHealth platform. While it was once the responsibility of a small group of stakeholders to monitor and optimize cloud costs, as cloud adoption has grown, many of the responsibilities have been delegated to other decision makers. There could now be hundreds of individuals requiring access to cloud usage and cost data, and each could require answers to different questions. The source of the data is the same, but how it is presented can make a huge difference as different decision makers will need to see data in a different way.

Developers, operations administrators, and financial analysts will need to perform different analyses of data to meet their own unique needs. FlexReports have been developed to give CloudHealth customers much greater flexibility and control over reporting and give them consistent and contextual insights into cloud data.

FlexReports provide the data each individual needs to answer their specific inquiries, and getting quick answers to questions drives confident decision making. Customers can easily build reports across many different dimensions to allow granular analyses of cost, usage, and asset data.

CloudHealth’s extensible API also allows the data to be fed into critical business systems, almost in real time and customers can run SQL-like queries against their billing data and export the results into simple CSV output.

The reports generated through FlexReports provide the data customers need to conduct analyses to fully understand cost drivers, at both the asset and tag level and gives them the data they need to improve collaboration across the entire organization to get the very best ROI of their cloud investment.

CloudHealth FlexReports

Author: NetSec Editor