CloudHealth Customers Benefit from New AWS Savings Plan Tools

CloudHealth has released a new set of tools to help its customers get the most out of AWS Savings Plans and see exactly where the cost savings are being achieved.

When AWS introduced Savings Plans as an alternative to Reserved Instances, CloudHealth rapidly incorporated the new AWS offering into its platform to help customers achieve the full benefits.

Some of the initial capabilities introduced by CloudHealth included a Convertible Reservation Exchanger, which allowed customers to get as much benefit as possible out of existing Reserved Instances (RIs) before purchasing Savings Plans or additional RIs. Cost History Reports provide insights into compute spending to see when costs were incurred and throughout the life of the Savings Plan. Usage Reports were made available to show how the cost savings from Savings Plans were applied and how much compute usage was being covered by the discounts provided by Savings Plans.

Since Savings Plans could be complex, CloudHealth also set up a help desk for customers to call to have Savings Plans explained and to provide help with discount management. Now, CloudHealth has announced further tools have been made available to customers to help them further with Savings Plans management to drive better business outcomes.

One of the new capabilities is a new comparison tool that allows businesses to compare all six of the Compute Savings Plans purchase options. Customers can set different KPIs for spend, coverage, and savings and view recommendations based on each metric, as well as remove or include usage covered by existing discounts. Each of the options can be viewed on the same screen for ease of comparison, and the data can be exported to a CVS file or further evaluation.

Management of Savings Plans has been simplified with new detailed reporting options. The reports show where the benefits of the Savings Plans have been received, the impact of the Savings Plans on KPIs can be easily viewed, Savings Plans allocation can be managed with showback and chargeback, and it is easy to plan for future Savings Plan purchases.

CloudHealth has also introduced a suite of new reports. Reports can be customized for each individual stakeholder to show them only the data they need to see and how Savings Plans have impacted business goals. It is also possible to subscribe to regular updates and have new reports delivered by email, and custom dashboards can now be created for key stakeholders.

Author: NetSec Editor